branding FAQ

Your image is important to us. Your logo is the root to your brand, your foundation. It takes brainstorming, communication, edits, fine-tuning. That's why we aren't like the "other guys". You hear from us through the whole process.

We build up from there; logo to website setup, business cards, apparel, hot cards, whatever your needs, I bet we can meet them! Let's start creating

Branding Cost

Branding isn't just your logo, it's the face of your business; social media, print, apparel, anything that presents your logo and ultimately your brand. We wanted to be fair and allow for our fellow small businesses to receive a tiered discount depending on how many variations you need. Check out the tiered packages. Need more than what is listed, no worries, shoot us a message.

Tips and tricks:

  • Logos need to remain clean. Simple always translates the best. Too busy and you lose the punch.

  • It's important to think about how you will present your brand to your potential customers. Gradients, drop shadows, and 3D effects should be avoided. These elements are impossible to translate on apparel and most signage.

  • You can always come back for more variations or needs, however, it pays to do as much up front as possible given the price breaks!

Logo Process

As soon as order is placed and paid in full, WE PLAY! The fun begins and the initial proof is to you in 24-72 hours via email. Lead time is dependent on how many jobs are ahead of yours. For logo design specifically, you are presented with 3 concepts. From those 3 concepts, you tell me what you love and hate. We narrow down to one final design, allowing for 10 edits, all communciated through email. Any additional edits are billed at a rate of $35/hour and due at approval and prior to file release. 

Tips and tricks:

  • Be sure to complete the Branding Questionnaire so that we have a clear idea on what you want your brand to emulate.

  • Payment is due in full in order to process the order and get you in line with existing clients. Why you ask? Welp, your design is 100% custom, which means a lot of time invested on the front end along with editing.

  • Inspiration is fine and dandy, however, we aren't too keen on trademark infringements so please do not expect us to regurgitate a design that you found on Google.

  • It is also your responsibility to do the necessary research prior to branding. Look into your desired business name with a simple Google search or better yet search registered businesses with the state. Is it taken? Is there another company with the same name, offering the same goods or service? If so, reconsider your approach. Look into your area competitors logos/fonts/images, and make sure your brand will be UNIQUE!

Website Process

Much like the logo process, as soon as the order is placed the discussion begins. It is usually best, but not needed, to meet in person and discuss expectations and costs with whichever platform you have chosen; Wix or Squarespace (my personal favorite and what you're currently reading.)  A subsequent meeting is made after the initial bones of the site are up. This is when we set up platform billing, eCommerce (if applicable), scheduling (if applicable), set the site live, and transfer ownership. We will also perform a quick crash course on how to edit your site so that you are completely on your own moving forward. RAD WILL NOT OWN YOUR SITE - YOU DO! Ah, the sweet taste of freedom. If you still need help after all is said and done, we can bill you at $35/hour and take the worry of your hands.

Tips and tricks:

  • Gotta start some where... download our Project Form to kick things off. This is the meat of every site; our talking points for when we sit down and meet once you're order is placed. Let's do this!

  • Look into templates and platforms before we meet. Come with an idea of what goods or services you want to focus on so that the site is clearly defined and organized.

  • Your goods and/or service will likely drive you to one platform over the other. And if you aren't sure, we can always change after the order is placed, but NOT after design has begun. Feel free to message any questions you may have or discuss needed functionalities to help point you in the right direction.

Native Files

Reasons why RAD does NOT release native files

  • Legally, a lot of the assets used to create your custom designs are licensed. That license is only held with RADesign. It is not to say that the client can license the same asset, and have another designer manipulate or create from there, but RAD can not distribute them to others. The best example is fonts. Most fonts are purchased arsenal to use as many times as needed. If RADesign were to forward you that same native font file to use for your own use, we could be in legal trouble for giving away the font to someone else. The same things goes for stock images.

  • In most cases, the client doesn’t have the software to properly manage or handle the file types used.

  • Legally, as the creator, the files are legally intellectual property of RADesign. How the package and program offerings work, you have only paid for the one final product and the intellectual rights to all of the other design pieces therefore belong to us.

  • You, as the client, are ALWAYS entitled to the listed file types on each project page. That will never change! Standard file types include: PDF, JPEG, and PNG files.