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Due to Baby’s approaching arrival, ALL orders must be printed by July 20th. Learn more here.


Baby K Arrival

Update! 7/19/18.... the eve of our leave. 

My goal is to be back at all things RAD come beginning of September. This is of course assuming that the little lady arrives on time, happy, and healthy. 

I am asking all clients who may have something on the horizon, to please email me around September 1st to check on my return. Friendly reminder, my designs don't take a lot of time: proofs will be turned in the standard 48-72 hours (usually faster for those who know RADesign ha). Printing only takes 4-5 business days from approval to arrive on your doorstep. 

I appreciate the continued love and support and look forward to working with you all! 

All my gratitude, Rachel

So after much back and forth on when to "step away" until our new bundle of joy enters the world (I have a hard time with this...) I have decided on a date that ALL orders must be printed by : JULY 20th.

What does this mean for you? If you are need of my services, and you have your details, order NOW please. Plus, you can take advantage of our Summer Sale which is extended through July 15th as extra incentive to kick-start your orders*.

I am hoping to get back as soon as humanly possible and plan on updating that as we go! If you have ANY questions or concerns, special circumstances, or needs, please contact me through the form below and we will get it all figured out! 

Thank you for the continued support and love as my little family continues on this crazy new adventure! Please be sure to follow along! 

*Enter SUMMERSALE at checkout for any order over $200, and receive 5% off

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