RAD's claim to fame. The reason for our existence. Stationery. But not just any stationery; 100% custom created and tailored specifically to the client. 

Here is where you can meet some of the latest creations. See something you like? Sorry doll, I won't duplicate it. However, if you're nice, I can make it your very own. Let's Chat!



Your image is important to us! Your logo is the root to your brand, your foundation. It takes brainstorming, communication, edits, fine-tuning. That's why we aren't like the "other guys". You hear from us through the whole process.

We build up from there! From website setup, business cards, apparel, hot cards, whatever your needs, I bet we can meet them! Let's start creating


rachel kovach - owner/creator

Welp. I was a DeGaetano before. Hence, RADesign. Creative, motivated, loyal, and honest. I don't make promises I can't keep. I value my clients and the relationships we build through the process. Project Manager by day, self-taught Graphic Designer by night. I love the Wizard of Oz. I was meant to live in the heat and by water. Ohio does not fit these descriptors, however, it has my heart. My sweet family is all over the map, allowing for some amazing travel!

The best is always last: I married the love of my life, Adam, on October 1, 2016 on our families 5-acres. We live just outside of Cleveland with our five fur-babies! Our pups Onyx and Harper, and our cats Jessi, Buddy, and Milo (we're crazy right?!)

Now hurry up and message me so we can chat and make magic!