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#RADclient Reviews

99.9% of #RADclients hear about us through word of mouth. That’s certainly something to brag about… and we brag about our clients any chance we can. They also return the favor, and we are forever grateful!


Our clients really are one in a million. 99.9% of our business is conducted thanks to word of mouth. Here is where we show off a little... sorry! 

To our #RADclients: thank you for continuing to spread the word.


Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is one of the few wedding vendor sites that does not allow vendors to manipulate their reviews. Who wants a liar anyhow? Check out what our amazing clients have to say; no bribery was needed! 



Odds are good you heard about RAD through social media. The responses that we receive on Facebook are amazing. They are the kind of reviews that hit ya right in the feels. Don't believe me? Click, I dare ya.



This was our first spin-off to grow our branding business outside of Ohio, other than through word of mouth. It was fun while it lasted, but now our local clients keep us plenty busy!